Revise, Revise, Revise

Those three words have been my focus for the past few weeks. I’ve been spending a lot of time at Starbucks, locked up in my bedroom, or in the library. (I was at the library until it closed today!) My critique partner sent her final thoughts on every chapter a few weeks ago. I’ve been working like crazy to finish Pieces of it All and have all the confidence in the world I’ll finish it! 

When I first received the file back from my crit partner, I’ll admit wanting to break down and cry as I saw all the yellow bubbles indicating notes. Crap. She didn’t like a thing and I had a lot of work ahead of me. As I hovered my mouse over the notes, there was consistency in two spots, and lucky for me, they weren’t plot line issues. In the draft seven beta readers read, many had issues with two items in the story. I ended up changing an entire plot line and adding a character. In the newest draft, the two issues were easily fixed.

A week into these revisions, I am about half way through. I’ve been on a roll, and have been finding the voice lost in one of the characters. After I complete this, I have to run the book through AutoCrit and tighten up the writing. That promises to be a job within itself. 

This whole process has been fun and scary. It’s been filled with confidence and self-doubt, excitement and worry. And it’s not even over yet. 

On Tuesday, April 1st, I’ll announce the release date for the e-book. The paperback will follow about a month or so after. Also, I’ll share my very first teaser image! I’m excited to jump into Teaser Tuesdays 🙂

Thank you for following me on this journey as I publish my new book. Now I must go REVISE! 🙂