How about a little #ChickLitLove on Valentine’s Day?

Today is Valentine’s Day. You love it, hate it, or are just indifferent. There is one Valentine you can always count on – BOOKS!

If you read my blog, you are aware I’m currently editing my New Adult Contemporary Romance called Pieces of it All. What you don’t know is I have also started a chick lit book! It’s on the back burner while I edit, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spread the “chick lit love.”

A few months ago I joined a group on Facebook called Chick Lit Chat HQ. It’s a group of chick lit writers to share advice, promote books, and just have fun! This year the group has put together a pinterest board featuring the titles of those in the group. You can view the Pinterest board here. You can pin the titles and click on the links to purchase their books. Many are on sale today! There are a lot of talented authors in the group!

Throughout Valentine’s Day, you’ll see the #ChickLitLove hashtag. Check it out, and follow these authors on Twitter and Facebook. If you have a favorite, visit that author’s blog. Many of the authors have been doing special blog posts all week dedicated to #ChickLitLove.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and read a great book!



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