Don’t Judge People Based Upon What They Read

“What do you mean reading is fun?” 

As a reader, how many times have you heard that in your life? I’ve lost count. I know a lot of people that don’t read books for fun. Their idea of a good time is not losing themselves in the pages of a paperback (or swipe of a Kindle or Nook). They’ve got other hobbies that I particularly wouldn’t enjoy either. But as a reader, do you find yourself mocking what other people read? Or judging who they are based upon what they read?

I have a relative who does not want to show anyone her Kindle because it’s all historical romance. SO WHAT? That’s what she likes. Reading these books takes her into a fantasy world and all her stress melts away. That’s wonderful for her and she should be proud. I don’t know if she thinks people will judge her because of that. I don’t know what type of conclusion one could draw from it anyway? 

There is another person in my life that judges almost every book I read. I get a little laugh or a smirk in a way to put down my reading choices. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never read Little Women or Anna Karenina or even the entire Harry Potter series. Does this make me a bad person? If you’ve read the entire collection of Classics or every Stephen King book out there, does that put me in some category that isn’t up to par with yours? Tell me. Because I’d really like to know.

I LOVE TO READ. There is no doubt about that and everyone in my life knows this. They know this to the point that I probably annoy the crap out of them. Whatever. Reading and writing are my passions. I lose myself in both. I read all types of books, and there are certain types I won’t pick up. That doesn’t mean that if you read the books I won’t, that you’re better than me or vice versa. We just have different tastes.

Fifty Shades of Gray. Where do I start with this? First, I know there’s the group of people that LOVED this series and couldn’t get enough of it. They’ll be in line for the movie as soon as it comes out. Then there’s the group of people who despise it stating that the writing was simply crap and how can someone read it? The last group is the people who are indifferent. They could give a flying …. well, you know.

Fifty Shades of Gray did for many adult women what Harry Potter did for kids. It got non-readers READING. Why should we put that down? Why should we judge the group of women (and I’m sure men!) who have read this series (me included.)? I think that so many people are in the group of non-readers that if a particular book or series sparks that interest, why the hell not? I love to see people with a book. I am so nosy I always have to find out what it is. If a particular title sounds interesting, I’ll make note of it and may que it up on Goodreads. If it doesn’t, I don’t roll my eyes because their choice is not mine.

It’s interesting because the same can almost be said about writing. When I leave reviews, I am so careful because while I may not have enjoyed a book, that doesn’t mean someone else may not enjoy the same one. Again, it ALL comes down to personal preference. There are a lot of authors that have been recommended to me based on their writing style. Authors that people simply worship and can’t gush enough about how poetic their writing is. I’ve tried these books and HATED them. But I know others LOVED them. Same with Fifty Shades of Gray. A lot of people put down how amateur her writing was and it’s a bestselling novel. First of all, everyone starts somewhere. You’re telling me that if you found a novel from your favorite author that was among the first that it would even closely compare to a novel they wrote today? In E.L. James’ writing, I see growth from Book 1 to Book 3 in that series. While Book 2 was my favorite, I still enjoyed seeing her grow as a writer.

All opinions differ. Go check out your favorite author on Amazon. Do it. RIGHT NOW. Type in one of their books, then click on the one-star reviews. You won’t believe what you read. Go to Goodreads. Type in the Bible. I’m not kidding. Read the reviews. People judge EVERYTHING. But this does not make them bad people or the choices of what they make bad.

Just different.


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  1. There’s a time and a place for dumb entertainment and one for classics. On the other hand, yes, I tend to judge certain things. I judge people who read books that glorify rape, slavery, abuse, and torture as sexy. I judge people who gush over a book with so many grammatical errors it’s unreadable. Because if the author cares that little about his/her work, why spend money on it? But people do. These writers and readers also make all indies look bad – and if we ever want to see indies taken seriously like indie music, film, and games, we do need to have minimum standards.

    On the other hand, I’m not a fan of certain series of books but who cares? I don’t like certain movies, either, but I don’t dislike or think poorly of people who do. It’s really just the mindless sheeplike attitude for certain things that make me want to step away from books. And this is the first time in my life I have ever felt that way. I read plenty of trash but I feel like authors, even when writing pulp, took it seriously.

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