Writer’s Block: My Little Secret

As you know, I am deep in edits and scene additions for Pieces of It All. After receiving feedback from my seven wonderful beta readers, I know exactly where I need to make changes and improve the book. Based on feedback, I should be able to easily add about 20K in words. My plan was to tackle this after completing NaNoWriMo.

I didn’t start editing until a few days into December. I added one scene so far, and was able to switch the POV from one main character to the other main character in another chapter. In between adding scenes, small edits are being one on existing chapters. After I complete this new draft (which is draft #5!), I ill go back and edit all the chapters again.

Today I opened up my laptop knowing what scene I had to write. The entire scene has played out in my head. I can see the characters moving and talking and it’s great! However, 250 words into the scene, I hit a wall. Why? How can this be since it’s all in my head?

While I can see it playing out like a movie, the perfect words don’t always come. This fills me with fear and doubt and my fingers don’t want to move across the keyboard. Staring at the cursor, I become agitated and close Scrivener. I should just give up.

But I don’t. I have a secret weapon I use in times like these. It’s called Evernote. I love it!



Evernote isn’t just a note taking app. I utilize my microphone on my iPhone when I use it. I think I have only ever typed into Evernote on two occasions, when it wasn’t a list. I simply speak out the scene. I sound like a world class idiot – that’s for sure. The funnest part is that Evernote does particularly well transcribing, but sometimes the sentences are way off. But that’s fixable. After I finish the scene, or have enough inspiration to begin typing again, I transfer the document into Scrivener. I then briefly edit what I spoke – most times making it better.

There is so much more to Evernote that I have never discovered. But this is what works for me. It helps me nine out of ten times when it comes to writer’s block.

What helps you?

When Evernote doesn’t work, there’s always the shower, right S.J. Pajonas?


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