I Wrote 50,000 Words – So Now What?

ImageYep – that’s right. I was a participant in National Novel Writing Month and I reached my 50,000 goal on November 24. I was never so happy to write the words THE END. There are a few reasons for that. First and foremost, I accomplished a huge goal by completing this. How many people can say they have done this? Over 300,000 people participated this year. For those that finished – awesome! And it’s just as awesome for those that didn’t. They have a start. I had outlined my NaNoWriMo novel in October. It started out based on the outline, but it changed quickly from a literary women’s novel to a paranormal book. I truly am a fly by the seat of my pants writer when it comes to first drafts! But that’s just it – I have a first draft of another novel! This means I have written FOUR books. I just can’t believe it! I have written The Jealousy Game, a romantic thriller, which is available on Amazon here. Next I wrote The Plan, (another thriller) which only my mother has a copy of and it shall remain that way unless I decide to rewrite it. It reads as a sort of sequel to The Jealousy Game. Third was last year’s NaNoWriMo novel, Pieces, (contemporary romance) and then my new NaNoWriMo novel, tentatively titled Things You See on the Side of the Road. (Paranormal)

So now what do I do? Another reason for being so happy to write the words THE END is because of the novel, Pieces. It went out to beta readers in September after I had written three drafts. In November I got the last of my feedback returned to me. It seems I have a great story, but a lot of work in front of me. I have to rework an entire story line and add many additional scenes for a main character to give him more likability. Now I can EDIT! I am excited and very overwhelmed to dive into this. I have some ideas of scenes I want to add, but writing over 2K a day in November really drained me. I think, too, that the Imposter Syndrome starts to take over and self-doubt sets in – which is shouldn’t. My goal is to release Pieces in 2014. Then I can finish the chick lit book I am writing and maybe start a rewrite of Things You See on the Side of the Road as well.

The other thing I am excited about is reading. I didn’t read much in November. I read Hopeless by Colleen Hoover which I loved. I also am reading Released by S.J. Pajonas and plan to finish that by Monday. In December I have taken a challenge to read only books that take place over the holidays, or have a holiday theme. I hope to finish 4 books in December. It’s not as much as I normally read in a month, but December is a busy month. I am very excited as well to read Backward Compatible by Sarah Daltry, which releases in December. It’s not a holiday book, but I may squeeze it in 🙂

Overall, November was a great month. I am still a little shocked that I completed NaNoWriMo almost a week in advance of the finish line, and now can say I have written 4 books. I can’t wait until next November to do it again!


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