“The End” – The Best 2 Words Written in November!

That’s right! With just over 50K, at 50,128 words, I have finished and won National Novel Writing Month for 2013. This is my fifth time participating and my third time winning! 

I had a ton of fun writing this year’s NaNo novel. Last year I wrote a Contemporary Erotic Romance, and this year it falls more on the lines of a Paranormal with some romance thrown in. I have a ton of adding and editing to do, which I will tackle in a few months.

When I participate in National Novel Writing Month, I have one goal – to get a 50K novel on paper. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. However, it has a ton of holes – I have been comparing it to Swiss Cheese – and needs a lot of work. I like to think of my NaNo month as a month to write a very extensive outline. I now have the basis of my novel, but I have a lot to fill in.

The genre I wrote in this time is unlike anything I have ever written before. It had aspects of a thriller in it, which it seems I can’t get away from. I think all of my writing will always have some sort of a thriller tone to it. But this time there is magic. I was scared and overwhelmed at the thought of writing with magic, but I did it anyway. 

If you read my book as it stands right now, you would see a lot of [INSERT DIFFERENT WORDS HERE]. I had no idea what I was doing, but wanted to go with it, so I just WROTE. That’s the point, right? Without any pre-planning, I just went with what was on my mind at the time. How does a character go insane? Well, listen to What Does the Fox Say a few times, and there you have it. So yes, those lyrics made an appearance in my book. 

I never took to heart the advice of “just write” as much as I did for this year’s NaNo. It was the best thing I could have ever done because I didn’t stress about it and I finished almost a week EARLY! Usually it is day 29 and I am pushing those last words to finish. 

As November wraps up, I plan on reading Released by S.J. Pajonas, and then enjoying Thanksgiving. In December, I take to reading all holiday books, and editing my other work in progress based on my beta reader notes.

For those of you that have completed NaNo, CONGRATS! For those of you still working toward finishing, YOU CAN DO IT! And for those that have written but will not write that 50,000th word in November, you’ve still written more than most people. Keep at it. 

You’ve been great, NaNo. Can’t wait to participate again next year.


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