It’s Out There!

A little over a week ago I sent my current work in progress off to seven beta readers. It came to a point that looking at it anymore was a waste of time. I put in 3 drafts (one was a complete rewrite), and I needed fresh eyes.

This was the first time I had done a beta read. From the moment I hit send, my nerves worked over time. Was it ready to be seen by eyes other than mine? Would I receive feedback stating what a piece of crap I had sent these people and how dare I waste their time? After I got feedback, would I finally admit that my writing sucked and just stop?

The answer came just a week later when my first email came with feedback. Yes, there are issues as I expect. However, overall verdict? It doesn’t suck! I have since received two more emails with very constructive things to say. I will admit that I was afraid of the response. Being a writer means putting yourself out there. People are not shy to point out your failures. And it’s hard to NOT take it personally as the one that wrote the words.

I am anxiously awaiting the feedback from the other four (although I did give them until mid-November as I am not doing any edits until at least then).

This has been a good experience overall – nerve wracking, but exciting and rewarding!



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