Outlining: Friend or Enemy?

As I move forward in my work in progress, my characters are leading me. I hit bumps along the road, and at times feel I am at a dead end. I often wonder if I had outlined, would this happen?

For those that don’t know, I am on draft two of my novel. Draft one was my Nanowrimo book. I have almost completely rewritten it in draft two, and believe some major edits will be coming with draft three. I am very excited about this novel. I didn’t outline it in the least. Does thinking about it count?

When I finish this book and start writing my next one, I plan on outlining. I know that many would never go without one. Others would toss it out the window and just let the characters write the story. Everyone works differently and does what works for them.

I am trying to find my groove and what works for me!


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