I’ve seen that house before….

One of my downfalls is description. I’m scared of it, and it hates me. I am learning how to write more descriptive scenes, especially locations and scenery, and I have two places to thank for that: Google images & Zillow.

One day while writing a scene that relied heavily on description of the room, I froze. I could see it in my head. But getting that to paper was scary.

I opened up Zillow and went to homes for sale. I knew what room I needed to describe, and the price rage I would find it. I found the image that was close to the place I was trying to describe.

This helped tremendously and plan to use it in the future.

Are any of you scared of description, or do you thrive in it? How do you fill in your description if it is not your strong point?


One comment

  1. this so doesn’t help you…but I remember in high school I had to write a descriptive paragraph. apparently, I totally misunderstood what the instructor wanted because I wrote about a long windy street. I got a note on the assignment saying something like “that wasn’t exactly what I was thinking” or something like that. lol.

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