When’s the last time you wrote a book?

Today I was listening to my favorite podcast, I Should Be Writing #ISBW. Mur Lafferty has been doing “Rapid Fire” shows to keep the casts fresh and I love them. The one I listened today came at a great time.

It was titled “Motivation” and boy, do I need it. I did very well today and wrote a lot of words. But some of my days have been wordless, I must admit. My goal is to complete my latest project by summer, but am starting to see fall as a more realistic timeline.

Anyway, she had an email from a listener that had written a novel she was unable to sell for certain reasons. She was struggling with starting a new project. As always, Mur Lafferty’s words rang true, and saved the day. (Well, at least for me.)

Mur told this listener to pat herself on the back and be proud. She wrote a book! Published or not, she had a complete manuscript that she wrote! She challenged her to ask a couple of people if they thought that they could write a novel … then ask if they ever sat down and actually did it.

With self published authors out there, like myself, I am sure a lot of people can say that yes, they have written a book. Honestly, though, in my immediate circle of friends, families and acquaintances, I only know two people other than me that can say that. Despite the thousands of self published books out there, more people have not written a book than actually have.

You may not like everything out there. I know people enjoyed my first book, others think it’s crap. In the words of my favorite podcaster “That’s okay.”

I am proud of myself. I wrote a book. Can you say that?

(BTW, check out The Jealousy Game on Amazon by yours truly :). )


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