Discovering New Writers

Having a Kindle opens me up to so many free books and new writers I may never have picked up their book for lack of distribution. Many of these authors are either self published, or work with an independent publisher. I probably have close to 200 free books downloaded on my Kindle. I certainly hope to read most of them.

I have been very impressed with some that I read. Others, I could not finish. But I am glad I gave them a try. Some of those I could not finish, I more than likely will try to read again at some point. With my reading, I find that one year I may not read a particular genre or author, but in a year or two, that same author – and same book – may be one of my favorites to read.

Since I am a self published author, I want to support my fellow self published colleagues. I truly feel that there are no bad writers. Yes, there are writers that are unable to properly use grammar, or may not write something I find interesting. But someone will like their book. And each book they write, gives them experience, just as a seasoned authors. Each author I read (typically) gets better with their next book.

I love reading the best selling authors. I also love reading the smaller press authors as well as self published writers. For me, reading is for entertainment and relaxation. I may not like a book, but I remember how hard that person worked to write it, and how proud that person is of it. And with that, I am proud of them.


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