This is my web presence….

I’m Tracy – nice to meet you! I have been told by more than a few people – directly and indirectly – that I should start a blog. Do you care what I have to say? I don’t really know. I am not even sure who, if anyone, will read this – Daniel, are you out there? (He knows who he is as he is one of the main people that suggested this). I am not certain if I will have much to write. I am sure as I get inspired, I will have posts. 

My posts will all be writing related. This much I know. I will vent my frustrations, brainstorm, and if I read a great book, I am sure I will share. That is all this blog will be about. 

Readers, if you’re out there, cool. If not, I’ll still be typing. This is my writing diary.



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