Month: March 2013

Dealing with insecurities …

Yesterday while I was driving, the first line of a new novel came to me. I quickly used One Note to record it. The idea came to me, and I think it’s a spectacular idea. The book truly could be amazing. But my confidence to write it is not there.

There are certain things I am comfortable writing, and other things that strike worries or fears in my brain. Some stories need to be written, but the emotion that overtakes me even thinking about writing it creates a weight on my shoulders. As a reader, I become so involved in character’s lives. I feel like I know them, they are a part of me. When you are the one writing the words, it is that much closer to your heart.

This idea I have presents many questions about things I am uncertain of myself. Maybe they are questions I don’t want answered; answers that are best left unanswered.

I have the idea. I wrote it down. I am currently working on editing my newest project, so it would be on the back burner anyway. Maybe in a few months I will gain the confidence to write this story.

Writers, how do you deal with insecurities? I keep thinking that this story would be amazing, but someone else should write it. I shouldn’t be thinking that way! Just like George Costanza stuffs his sorry’s in a sock, maybe I need to do the same with my lack of confidence! 🙂


When’s the last time you wrote a book?

Today I was listening to my favorite podcast, I Should Be Writing #ISBW. Mur Lafferty has been doing “Rapid Fire” shows to keep the casts fresh and I love them. The one I listened today came at a great time.

It was titled “Motivation” and boy, do I need it. I did very well today and wrote a lot of words. But some of my days have been wordless, I must admit. My goal is to complete my latest project by summer, but am starting to see fall as a more realistic timeline.

Anyway, she had an email from a listener that had written a novel she was unable to sell for certain reasons. She was struggling with starting a new project. As always, Mur Lafferty’s words rang true, and saved the day. (Well, at least for me.)

Mur told this listener to pat herself on the back and be proud. She wrote a book! Published or not, she had a complete manuscript that she wrote! She challenged her to ask a couple of people if they thought that they could write a novel … then ask if they ever sat down and actually did it.

With self published authors out there, like myself, I am sure a lot of people can say that yes, they have written a book. Honestly, though, in my immediate circle of friends, families and acquaintances, I only know two people other than me that can say that. Despite the thousands of self published books out there, more people have not written a book than actually have.

You may not like everything out there. I know people enjoyed my first book, others think it’s crap. In the words of my favorite podcaster “That’s okay.”

I am proud of myself. I wrote a book. Can you say that?

(BTW, check out The Jealousy Game on Amazon by yours truly :). )

Review of Darby Davenport’s “Walk Away with Me”

I gave this 3 of 5 stars

This book was sent as an ARC as Darby Davenport’s debut novella under the new pen name. As a dog lover, I was very excited to read this book. The one sentence description – Two dog owners meet and fall in love.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I read it quickly – in just about two days. I was disappointed that it was not longer as I really feel that the book could have benefited greatly from more focus on the relationships the owners had with the dogs, as well as the back story with both of them.

I found the two POV’s with each chapter very distracting. I thought the gears shifted too quickly between characters. I would have preferred longer chapters with each chapter in a POV, instead of short chapters covering both characters.

The romantic scenes were excellent.I could feel the heat between the characters. The descriptions were good.

I will definitely read a full – length novel by Davenport. I think with a longer word length, this book would have been excellent.

Discovering New Writers

Having a Kindle opens me up to so many free books and new writers I may never have picked up their book for lack of distribution. Many of these authors are either self published, or work with an independent publisher. I probably have close to 200 free books downloaded on my Kindle. I certainly hope to read most of them.

I have been very impressed with some that I read. Others, I could not finish. But I am glad I gave them a try. Some of those I could not finish, I more than likely will try to read again at some point. With my reading, I find that one year I may not read a particular genre or author, but in a year or two, that same author – and same book – may be one of my favorites to read.

Since I am a self published author, I want to support my fellow self published colleagues. I truly feel that there are no bad writers. Yes, there are writers that are unable to properly use grammar, or may not write something I find interesting. But someone will like their book. And each book they write, gives them experience, just as a seasoned authors. Each author I read (typically) gets better with their next book.

I love reading the best selling authors. I also love reading the smaller press authors as well as self published writers. For me, reading is for entertainment and relaxation. I may not like a book, but I remember how hard that person worked to write it, and how proud that person is of it. And with that, I am proud of them.

Your Favorite Book 2012

Good morning! The sun is finally out and I am so excited it may melt the snow!

I was updating my Goodreads list, and got to thinking about the best books of 2012. What was your favorite and why?

Mine was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I hated the characters so much! However, my dislike for them only made me enjoy the book more. The plot had many twists and turns, and I had to pick my jaw off the floor multiple times.

Not many authors can successfully pull off multiple viewpoints. Flynn did an amazing job.

I highly recommend this book if you have not already picked it up!

This is my web presence….

I’m Tracy – nice to meet you! I have been told by more than a few people – directly and indirectly – that I should start a blog. Do you care what I have to say? I don’t really know. I am not even sure who, if anyone, will read this – Daniel, are you out there? (He knows who he is as he is one of the main people that suggested this). I am not certain if I will have much to write. I am sure as I get inspired, I will have posts. 

My posts will all be writing related. This much I know. I will vent my frustrations, brainstorm, and if I read a great book, I am sure I will share. That is all this blog will be about. 

Readers, if you’re out there, cool. If not, I’ll still be typing. This is my writing diary.